Logistics & Shipping Optimization

At Shipware, We…

help companies reduce shipping costs up to 30%
identify and claim 100% of qualified refunds from carriers
bring transparency to the shipper-carrier relationship  

Invoice Audit & Recovery


Looking for immediate financial returns that will directly impact your bottom line? Your weekly invoice from your carrier is plagued with billing errors and service failures; you are entitled to refunds on these charges. Our cutting-edge audit technology for shipping optimization will sift through your weekly shipping invoice line-by-line and charge-by-charge to identify and recover all refunds. It’s found money. Nothing to install or set up with our shipping cost optimization tool. It takes less than 5 minutes to onboard your account to our platform. Our tools and expertise will assist with logistics optimization and help distribution managers cut unnecessary costs, improve overall supply chain management, and accomplish logistics optimization. If you’re looking for further assistance on your logistics planning and processes, Shipware can help.


Contract Optimization


We have over 200+ years of insider knowledge regarding carriers’ margin-based pricing strategies. Our technology and expertise in freight cost optimization will help you renegotiate your UPS, FedEx, and/or LTL carrier agreement to best-in-class status. We’ll manage the entire process so there’s no time-requirement on your part.


Transportation Spend Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis, or logistics assessment, combines over 200 collective years of insider carrier pricing and logistics operation knowledge with key data points derived from our proprietary AI technology. We uncover inferior pricing within your carrier agreement, pricing improvements unique to your supply chain, and will evaluate:

  • Carrier’s margins and profitability on your account
  • Loss of discount on services most used
  • Punitive terms and conditions
  • Accessorial discounts and impact
  • Dimensional billing impact
  • Minimum charge impact
  • Contract structure and terms
  • Thresholds for volume-based discounts
  • Package characteristics
  • Weight distribution
  • Zone/lane distribution
  • And much more

Cloud-Based Reporting & Analytics


Shipware’s state-of-the-art web portal transforms shipping data into dynamic charts with unique and intelligent drill-down capabilities. Our reporting and analytics technology empower shippers to cut back on transportation cost and make critical cost-saving transportation decisions.


USPS & Regional Carriers


USPS and Regional Carriers can offer opportunities for shippers to further reduce their shipping costs within their supply chain. Shipware helps identify and quantify potential savings and will help implement the multi-carrier, lowest-cost routing intelligence and logic. If you need help with logistics management and processes, our shipping optimization tool for managing costs will help you get started. Cut your transportation cost and improve your logistics and supply chain with our optimization solutions today.