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I’m not new to logistics. Been at my job nearly two decades, and I’ve worked with 4-5 parcel invoice audit companies during my career. Shipware’s audit is hands down the best. It delivers significantly greater savings week in and week out, and their spend management reports and portal are tools I actually use to improve my business.

President, Automotive, San Diego CA

We used to use a broker for our LTL shipments. In theory, it’s a good concept: benefit with deeper discounts by aggregating volume from hundreds of other shippers. However, after working with Shipware, we learned that we could avoid huge broker markups and reduce our LTL costs by forging direct relationships with the carriers. We are saving 18% with the same high-quality LTL providers we had been using previously, and as we grow, WE benefit with even higher discounts – and not the broker. We’re also using Shipware’s TMS to identify the right carriers for the right loads for better time in transit at lower costs. I’ll never use a broker again.

Dir of Transportation, Consumer Products, Carlsbad CA

Following Shipware’s complimentary rate assessment, I was anxious to get started. But their proposed gainshare split and term seemed too high. So I spent the better part of the next six months negotiating with UPS on my own, only to get miniscule rate improvements despite a lot of effort. In frustration, I hired Shipware. Within weeks, Shipware’s strategic guidance resulted in significant pricing improvements, and frankly, better responsiveness and relationship from our carrier ever since. If you’re thinking of going it alone, take it from me: you’ll get faster results, deeper savings, save a lot of time and do it right the first time by working with category experts. Shipware earned every nickle!

CFO, eCommerce, Orlando FL

I put off using Shipware for nearly a year because I thought I didn’t have time. John Paul finally got through to me when he quantified that I had lost nearly a million dollars in savings by waiting a year. Now, we had many other initiatives underway during the year, but all of them combined didn’t net $1 million to the bottom line. What’s more, I only invested a total of about a day’s work over the course of a 10 week process. Only wished I would have come to my senses sooner!

Dir of Operations, Retail, Phoenix AZ

Shipware stands alone as the best in the business. We conducted an RFP for professional parcel consulting services. Of the six firms that received the bid, 5 of the 6 told me my rates were already optimized. Shipware is the only firm that projected savings, and the actually delivered on the high end of their 7-9% estimate.

CEO, Diversified Products, Milwaukee WI

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that initially, I resisted Shipware’s proposal. After all, it was my job to negotiate and manage my carriers, and admittedly, I felt I’d be exposed if I hadn’t done a good job. But going through their process, I quickly realized how little I knew about parcel contracts, and how much that knowledge gap was costing the company. Not only did I increase my knowledge and value to the company by learning from the pros, but I also received huge kudos from the corner suite by adding Shipware resources to my transportation procurement department at no cost to the company!

VP of Logistics, Health Industry, Chicago IL

Shipware’s gain share proposal was a no-brainer for my business. They essentially paid themselves from the savings they generated. That’s pure found money that’s helping my bottom line!

CoFounder, Financial Services, New York NY

When we first approached by Shipware about saving 10-30% on our parcel costs, we were concerned they might advocate the use of lower quality carriers. We have a long-term relationship with UPS and were not open to changing providers. Shipware assured us they could achieve double digit savings with zero disruption to our operations, and without changing carriers. And they came through on that promise!

Dir of Operations, 3PL, Des Moines IA