Are Shipping Surcharges Affecting Your Business?

Shipware Will Audit Your Parcel & LTL Invoices to Help You Uncover Where You Are Overspending and Recover These Refunds.

We Help You Get Your Money Back.

1-5% Savings Weekly

Zero Disruption To Your Current Operations

Our Experts Are Ex-Carrier Pricing Executives

200 Years Of Carrier Pricing Knowledge

Detailed And Robust Analysis Of Current Carrier Pricing

Shipping surcharges are additional fees added to the base costs of transporting goods. Shipping surcharges add up quickly, but maintaining oversight over surcharges requires a significant amount of time and extensive knowledge of the shipping industry. After 17 years in the industry, we have never come across an instance where a client was not overpaying a carrier - with shipping surcharges being the main culprit.

How Do We Reclaim The Money You Are Overspending On Shipping Surcharges?

Submit Your Parcel and LTL Invoices

Send us your shipping invoices from UPS, FedEx, and LTL carriers and we'll run it through our proprietary parcel audit software.


We Uncover Where You're Overspending

Our software sifts through your shipping invoices line item by line item to identify shipping charges eligible for refunds.


You Recover Your Refunds

For every incorrect charge identified through the parcel and freight bill audit process, our team will file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. All recovered finances go directly back to you!


Enhanced Visibility With Our Dynamic Web Portal

  • Clearly see your shipping spend to make critical cost-saving decisions
  • Interactive charts with intelligent drill-down capabilities
  • Customizable dashboards to get high-level insights into your data

Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity To Reclaim Your Money.

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After we uncover where you are overspending, we will give you access to your very own dynamic web portal:

To lessen or avoid the impact of shipping surcharges, our team of experts will audit your invoices to uncover where you are overspending. We will then automatically send refund requests to recover these lost funds. No disruption to current operations, no change in carriers, just savings - guaranteed.