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Our cutting-edge Parcel & Freight Audit Software identifies where you’re overspending and will always be working on your behalf. You will save money while you are sleeping.

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Step 1:
Submit Your Parcel and Freight Invoices

Send us your shipping invoices from UPS, FedEx, and LTL carriers and we’ll run it through our proprietary parcel audit software.

Step 2:
Uncover Where You’re Overspending

We sift through your shipping invoices line item by line item to identify shipping charges eligible for refunds.

Step 3:
Recover Your Refunds

For every incorrect charge identified through the parcel and freight bill audit process, our team will file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. All recovered finances go directly back to you!

What You Get with our Audit Process

Savings on Shipping Costs


Over $2 billion in refunds go unclaimed each year with FedEx, UPS, and LTL carriers. We make sure you get your cut and save on future shipping.

Convenience & Simplicity


Our automated refund recovery technology has the widest and deepest auditing process within the industry; ensuring complete billing accuracy and that no dollar or cent is left behind. Provide us with one-time access and start recouping logistics and transportation costs; set it and forget it.

Increased Visibility into Shipping Operations


Our auditing services provide KPIs and essential data that you can review quickly and easily – allowing you to make cost-saving decisions on the fly!

Why Should You Audit Your FedEx, UPS, DHL, & LTL Invoices?


Your weekly carrier invoices are loaded with billing errors and service failures. Additionally, if your shipment arrives late, you are entitled to a full refund of the shipping charge and the associated surcharges. Billing errors, service failures, late packages, and many other discrepancies entitle you to recover a refund. The challenge? It’s not possible without our technology.

After 17 years and 1,000 of audits, we have never come across an instance where a client wasn’t overpaying their carriers.


When you partner with Shipware, you don’t have to worry about going through the tedious identification and recovery process. Our technology, our process, and our team work hard to recover all the refunds you are entitled to.


Introducing Krystal AI

Our Proprietary Software – Shipware’s Backend Engine – Always Driving Results.

The technology and intelligence behind our superior parcel and LTL savings.

Krystal is our artificial intelligence that combines the industry’s most robust database with over 200 years of insider carrier pricing knowledge to generate customized data points and unique insights that will help you improve operations and optimize your carrier pricing. Krystal uses a state-of-the-art user interface with cloud-based technology to display your shipping data in the form of dynamic, interactive charts – allowing you to gain a better perspective and make additional cost-saving decisions. Krystal is the engine behind our results and your superior savings!

We’re willing to bet $10,000 that you’re overpaying for shipping. We’ll run your shipping data through Krystal AI for an in-depth complimentary analysis, and if we can’t identify savings, then we’ll pay you $10,000! Your GUARANTEED outcome is either a valuable analysis OR $10K in your pocket.


Shipware's invoice auditing and refund recovery is recouping more than we ever thought possible. My only regret is not signing up earlier - we have lost a lot of savings over the previous years.

Albert C. Director of Logistics, Jewelry Industry, New York, NY

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