Parcel and LTL Audit & Recovery

Audit — We utilize our proprietary software to provide an extensive line by line audit of each shipment on the invoice. Our proven process ensures you are billed accurately. Any shipping charges eligible for reconciliation or recovery will be identified by our software system. Your invoice will be examined against 50 different audit points, some of them are:

  • Late delivery
  • No proof of delivery
  • Additional fuel surcharge
  • Additional residential surcharge
  • Additional weight surcharge
  • Invalid accessorial charges
  • Oversize surcharge
  • Duplicate charge
  • Manifested but not shipped
  • Missing incentives
  • Unapplied rate discounts

Recover — For every incorrect charge identified; Our Audit and Claims Team will file the claim with your carrier on your behalf.  All finances are recovered directly to you.  Shipware diligently works on your behalf to optimize the reduction of your transportation costs, you incur zero costs and apply no effort to receive the financial return. Up to 10% of your shipping charges can be recovered with the Invoice Audit & Recovery solution.

Reconcile — We will reconcile your bills ensuring all recovered refunds, incentives, and discounts are applied. We assist in payment ensuring the proper amount is allocated to your carrier.

Reports — We will consolidate weekly reports per each account increasing invoice visibility and understanding. Year-to-date savings and net profit reports allow you to view the impact our solutions have had on your bottom line. Customized reporting is available to help identify and mitigate problematic and costly shipping trends.

Bottom Line — Our regular weekly invoice auditing and recovery solution requires no investment and provides an immediate financial return to your bottom line.  There are no hidden costs or setup fees and there is no interruption to your current shipping operations.  We operate on a contingency based pricing structure therefore our revenues are tied directly to our client’s success. Invoice Audit & Recovery solution immediately reduces shipping expenses and eliminates billing errors.

Freight Management and Invoice Audit

Our freight management service provides solutions for the complexities that accompany freight transportation (truck, ocean, rail, road, air). We provide freight management solutions such as:

  • Manage and Audit Freight Bills
  • Generate Bills of Lading
  • Optimize Routing
  • Monitor Carrier Performance
  • Effect Payments
  • Manage Information and Generate Reports

We provide a complete audit of freight bills to control carrier pricing and performance. Freight bills will be verified and linked to the accurate BOLs then processed and audited on multiple levels. Some concentrated areas of focus during the audit process are classification, rates, discounts, terms, and duplicate charges. Shipware freight invoice auditing provides clients with an online portal enabling them to:

  • Sort and manage BOLs
  • Generate and apply General Ledger codes
  • View audited invoice results
  • Initiate payment
  • Access to a robust reporting platform with customized sorting features

Our freight invoice auditing provides convenience, simplicity and increased visibility to transportation operations. The auditing of freight invoices will ensure accurate billing and optimal performance is received from various carriers.

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