Terms & Rate Evaluation — We conduct a thorough analysis of your entire logistics operations. Areas of focus and evaluation are: shipping trends, delivery methods, zones, volume, carrier and service mix, contract terms, contract rates, discounts, and incentives to pinpoint cost saving opportunities.

Consultation — We consult with you to better understand your objectives and your business needs. Additionally, we will communicate what to expect with our processes.

Evidence Based Negotiations — As opposed to simply negotiating for the ideal service rate; we empower the client with qualitative evidence compiled from our extensive analysis and benchmarking. This reveals areas of financial opportunity where the carrier could provide improved terms and rates to retain or win your business.  We evaluate responses and negotiate areas of focus resulting in an official contract offer to you.

Optimal Terms & Rate Selection — All contracts are presented to you with our explanation of the pros and cons per each offer. We can discuss which contract has the optimal terms and rates for implementing to your business.

Implementation — Upon selection of the new contract Shipware will oversee proper and accurate carrier implementation.

Terms & Rate Management — We will proactively monitor your carrier’s adherence to the new contract terms, rates, discounts, and incentives when you engage our invoice audit and recovery solution.

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