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Carrier Rate Optimization

  • Comprehensive analysis of your current carrier contract by our expert consultants
  • Savings up to 30%

Invoice Audit & Refund Recovery

  • FedEx and UPS refunds credited directly to your account
  • Savings on your weekly invoice: 1-10%

Transportation Intelligence

  • Complete access to our online portal to make smarter shipping decisions
  • Predictive analytics and cost-saving opportunities

Zero Cost

No contract. No credit card. No set-up fee. No hassle.


Expert Contract Negotiation & Invoice Audit Services

Greater Spend Management Visibility

Experienced, Knowledgeable Experts on Your Side

Eliminate Ambiguity with Your Carrier

Our Audit Invoice Process

Step 1: Submit Your Invoices

Grant us access to your FedEx and/or UPS account and we’ll run it through our proprietary parcel audit software.

Step 2: We Identify Where You’re Overpaying

We sift through your shipping invoices line item by line item to identify shipping charges eligible for refunds.

Step 3: Recover Your Refunds

For every incorrect charge identified through the parcel bill audit process, our team will file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. All recovered finances go directly back to you!

Our Contract Negotiation Process

Step 1:
Invoice Evaluation


We conduct a thorough analysis of your entire shipping profile with an emphasis on pinpointing cost-saving opportunities.

Step 2:
We Advise You On How To Renegotiate Your Carrier Contract

Our parcel consultant will develop a customized business case with specific pricing requests that will be issued to your parcel carriers. Once best in class pricing is in place, we’ll audit every shipment to ensure adherence to the new terms.

Step 3:
Start Saving!


Become your company’s hero and save up to 30% on your total shipping spend!

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