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What's New In The Shipping Industry In 2019?

2018 in Review for UPS & FedEx

Last year was busy for the national parcel carriers, not only in terms of packages delivered, but in terms of changes to pricing and their respective service guides, as well.

The 2019 FedEx & UPS General Rate Increases

The impact to each shipper’s parcel budget will deviate significantly from the announced average increase depending on their shipper profile.

Expectations for 2019 Mid-Year Increases

Going forward, it will be harder to pinpoint when increases will occur and how much they will demand of shippers.

When and How to Use SurePost and SmartPost in 2019

With free shipping becoming more and more of a required checkout option for internet shoppers, companies are constantly looking to cut their transportation costs and minimize the loss incurred by making it available.

The USPS Announces Significant Changes

The reported 5.9% average increase for Priority Mail is understated, as most shippers are using “Commercial Plus” pricing (which is being effectively eliminated) and will take an additional 3% increase

How to Compete with Amazon

With immediate access to virtually any product or service via their smartphone, tablet or computer, consumers no longer need to set aside time to run errands at brick and mortar stores. How can the average shipper compete in this environment?

Shipping in 2019: The Big Picture

Shippers are looking for ways to lower their transportation costs as customers expect free shipping with every online order