Strategies — There are many opportunities to move some classes of freight from one service to another and/or between carriers to drive incremental savings. Examples include upgrading selected Ground freight to a USPS air product, moving Ground to a Deferred Ground option or the same service levels between carriers for a portion of the freight spend.

Challenges — Any time there is a dilution of freight from the primary carrier there can be a detrimental impact on the volume bonuses the carriers build into their contracts. It is not by accident that UPS and FedEx include these; it is to discourage the use of regional carriers and the USPS!

Balanced Solution — By carefully modeling the client’s spend against the potential savings while helping to right-size those “Earned Discount” / “Portfolio Tier” incentives it is possible to maximize your savings while maintaining the incumbent discount structure. When practical, Modal Optimization is done concurrently with contract optimization.

Consultation — Upon request Shipware will model the client’s actual spend against a variety of Modal Optimization Strategies and share the potential savings and service (time of transit) changes. Enabling challenges will be investigated and client can choose to include these strategies or not as part of or separate from the contract optimizationprocess.

Implementation — Shipware’s team of experts will help the client as necessary to use selected new carriers / service options. Up to $10,000 in technology upgrade assistance is available. In addition Shipware passes its alliance partner discounts for “Best in Class” multi-carrier software solutions and offers “fee waived” consultations by industry experts.

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