Modal Optimization

Improve Service Times & Lower Your Shipping Costs

Shipware’s experienced team will model your current spending against a variety of alternate Modal Optimization strategies to provide you with the most desirable carrier and service offerings.

How Can Shipware’s Modal Optimization Help Your Business?

Drive Savings & Improve Transit Times


The tactical movement of selected freight between service types and carriers can drive savings and – with some strategies – improve transit times for both inbound and outbound packages. Shipware can present a variety of solutions for our clients to consider based upon modeled analytics.

Develop Winning Strategies


There are many opportunities to move some classes of freight from one service to another and/or between carriers to drive incremental savings. Examples include upgrading selected Ground freight to a USPS Air product, moving Ground to a Deferred Ground option, or the same service levels between carriers for a portion of the freight spend.

Overcome Carrier-Imposed Challenges


Any time there is a dilution of freight from the primary carrier, there can be a detrimental impact to the volume bonuses that carriers build into their contracts. It is not an accident that UPS® and FedEx® include these bonuses — it is to discourage the use of regional carriers and the USPS.

With Shipware, You Can Find A Balanced Solution


By carefully modeling your spend against potential savings, while helping to right-size those “Earned Discount” or “Portfolio Tier” incentives, it is possible to maximize your savings while maintaining the desired discount structure. Contact us today to learn more about saving money on shipping costs with Shipware’s modal optimization strategies.

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Shipware's invoice auditing and refund recovery is recouping more than we ever thought possible. My only regret is not signing up earlier - we have lost a lot of savings over the previous years.

Albert C. Director of Logistics, Jewelry Industry, New York, NY

The set-up process was simple and hassle-free.
Shipware has provided us with outstanding customer service
and their attention to our shipping needs has proven them to be
a reputable and reliable logistics partner.

David K.Director of Operations, Auto Parts Industry, San Diego, CA

From freight invoice auditing to contract optimization,
Shipware Systems provides extensive services
to increase visibility and ensure your shipping
expenses are reduced.

Mark D. Distribution Center Manager, Consumer Goods Industry, Colonial Heights, VA

Shipware was patient, understanding and they gave us nothing but assistance each time we approached them with our transportation issues during set-up and throughout our business relationship. They have provided us with a much needed value-added service.

Nate V.Fulfillment Director, Electronics Industry, Valencia, CA

It's always a pleasure to see our bills reduced. Their performance-based service creates a win-win relationship.

Mark M.Distribution Manager, Outdoor Sports Industry, Costa Mesa, CA

Their reporting features and tools have helped us resolve inefficiencies and gave us insight to better understand our rates and delivery methods. Their vast industry knowledge and technology was utilized to help us negotiate an improved rate. In the beginning months of their audit service returned over $35,000 to our bottom line. I wish they were with us from the beginning.

Pavan D.VP of Logistics, Pharmaceutical Industry, East Elmhurst, NY

We have been strategic partners with Shipware for almost 8 years. They are the gold standard in parcel spend management solutions and partnering with Shipware has really shown significant ROI and helped us grow our business. They are easy to work with, very knowledge of the industry and provide best in class service for our mutual customers.

Mike B.Owner, Logistics Industry, Houston, TX

What we learned after working with Shipware is that the confidentiality provision in carrier pricing agreements is a well thought-out strategy to prevent shippers from understanding the rates and terms of other shippers since we can’t disclose rates. The Shipware process allowed us to better understand the discounts and concessions we were entitled to without any breach in terms with our delivery partners.

VP of Supply Chain, Automotive, Detroit MI

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