Transportation Methods — Shipware provides ongoing logistics efficiency management;providing you with key metric reports increasing the visibility of your logistics operations. The in-depth graphs, tables, and charts communicate clear operational parameters allowing you to make cost saving decisions; that would have otherwise been lost in the convoluted layers of the invoice details.

Volume & Zones — Matrix tables and graphs provide insightful information to logistic volume and routing. Increased visibility of volume and routing allows you to view and understand the dynamics of your evolving logistics organization. Shipware enables you to make timely strategic decisions that are in sync with your organization’s needs and direction.

Performance — Performance reports record shipping cost analysis on many levels, some of those metrics are: average cost per package, average cost per delivery method, average cost per package per zone, shipping exception, days in-transit, weight and dimensions. This knowledge provides you with the capability to: 1. Ensure the strategic implemented decisions are providing your desired result 2. Improve customer satisfaction and 3. Avoid inefficiencies and future overcharges. Customized performance reports for a specific task or project are available.

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