Krystal AI

The tech and intelligence behind superior freight invoice auditing & LTL savings

Do you think there’s a chance that you’re overpaying for shipping? We’re willing to bet $10,000 you are.

Introducing Krystal AI by Shipware

Krystal is our artificial intelligence software that combines the industry’s most robust database with over 200 years of insider carrier pricing knowledge to generate customized data points and unique insights that will help you improve operations and optimize your carrier pricing.

Krystal uses a state-of-the-art user interface with cloud-based technology to display your shipping data in the form of dynamic, interactive charts – allowing you to gain a better perspective and make additional cost-saving decisions.

Krystal is the engine behind our results & your superior savings!

The best part? There’s no required change in carriers, so it’s business as usual.

Predictive analytics
Machine learning technology
Thousands of best-in-class carrier contracts
Database of over $2 billion shipping spend
Cost-savings analytics
Proprietary invoice audit
Insider carrier pricing knowledge
Dynamic cloud-based reporting
Carrier & contract compliance
World-class industry certifications
Consistently delivering savings 10-30%

Get a FREE in-depth analysis of your shipping data today. Your GUARANTEED outcome is either a valuable analysis OR $10K in your pocket.