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Our team of FedEx® contract negotiation experts will audit your invoices to uncover where you are overspending and prepare you to negotiate your parcel and LTL contracts with FedEx® to ensure that you are receiving best-in-class rates. No disruption to current operations, no change in carriers, just savings - guaranteed.

How Do We Help You Reduce FedEx® SmartPost Costs?

Submit Your FedEx® Contracts


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Our experienced team uncovers where you are overspending and develops a custom plan to prepare you to re-negotiate your contracts with your FedEx® representative.


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Reap the rewards of your newly negotiated rates while we continue to monitor KPIs and essential data to ensure that rate increases are mitigated and the new terms of your contract are respected.


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Send us your FedEx® contracts and we will analyze and benchmark your current rates against other best-in-class programs.