Transportation Spend Analysis

Logistics Cost Reduction — Shipware provides a comprehensive assessment of your entire logistics operations including both domestic and international, small parcel, LTL, TL, Ocean, and Rail. This assessment will evaluate shipping routes, locations, carriers, modes, service levels, volume, pricing, contract terms/incentives/rates/discounts, delivery methods/trends, and many other factors are analyzed to reveal cost saving opportunities.

Benchmarking — We apply the benchmarking process to identified areas of financial opportunity to drill down further and uncover specific discrepancy amounts. The benchmarking process will compare and contrast your current terms, rates, and discounts against other competitive terms, rates, and discounts. Our competitive industry knowledge produces a qualitative objective offering compelling leverage to obtain the best in class service rates on your behalf. Projecting the improved contract terms and rates forward will quantify the financial savings added to your organizations bottom line.

Implementation — Shipware works with our clients from the start through implementation and beyond. We will work with your carrier representatives throughout the bid and negotiation process ensuring the optimal contract terms and rates are offered to you. Upon your selection of the new contract we will oversee proper carrier implementation and adherence to the improved contract terms and rates.